About Yugawara-machi
Yugawara-machi is on the southwest end of Kanagawa Prefecture. It is about 90 km from Tokyo. It is located at the entrance of Izu peninsula. Three directions of Yugawara-machi are encroached by the mountains of Hakone and Izu. Its southeast faces Sagami bay. It is a scenic sightseeing town with many faces such as streets with unmistakable historical and cultural background as well as rich natural environment blessed with sea, mountains, rivers, etc.

Of the two rivers that flow in the town, Chitosegawa river whose source originates in Kurakakeyama mountain is the prefectural boundary between Kanagawa and Shizuoka Prefectures. The other side of the river is Atami City.


A calm hilly terrain expands over the alluvial plain between Chitosegawa river and Niizakigawa river whose source originates in Nangousan mountain. The Yugawara-machi public office is almost at the center of the hill.
About Yugawara Onsen Spa
Yugawara faces Sagami bay, and is a clement scenic place throughout the year. Yugawara was referenced in the classic Man’youshu poem compilation from the 8th century. It has been known since ancient times as a place where a good quality hot springs said to be effective for all diseases are located. Since the middle of the Meiji era (circa the beginning of the 20th century), many writers and artists visited the secluded hot springs to enjoy the calm and elegant atmosphere. Many of them created works that set Yugawara as the main scenes. Yugawara has been blessed with the spectacles of magnificent nature and rich produces from the mountains and the ocean. Many people are familiar with it as a good place for excursion and peaceful rest. You can feel the footprints of great men of letters and traces of history here and there when you stroll there.
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